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Build, Break, Learn, Master

CobolStone is a platform where anyone with development skills can discover and master new technologies to solve modern problems.

From Autonomous Cars to Malware Analysis, you can learn new skills and tools by building and breaking softwares, competing with other players or contributing to existing projects to gain concrete experience.

Challenges for Hackers and Builders


Learn challenges are designed for beginners to kick off their knowledge and tooling in a skill, like Deep Learning or Reverse Engineering, before going after harder challenges.


Build challenges will make you build software, like AI models, to solve a problem or interact with other softwares. Learn by coding.


Break challenges are about finding and exploiting vulnerable systems, software and networks. They are focused on issues and limits of modern technologies.

Modern Skills to solve Modern Problems

Learn new Skills

Solve Modern Problems

Learn new Skills

Solve challenges with a progressive difficulty to learn new skills in a field, wether you want to master Reverse Engineering, Reinforcement Learning or Algorithmic.

Each challenge in a Skill Track is applied to a modern problems to make it more interesting and accurate with what you can do in this field, like Malware Analysis or Autonomous Cars.

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